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I simply ended up both a 26 day Intrepid excursion and a 10 day gap trip thru South East Asia, as well as I have to state I was a lot more satisfied with the intrepid excursion. You make some outstanding points, Norbert, regarding the optional tasks. I appreciated them in India but I want to take a trip for a bit much less and also on my own schedule. It was great that our guide took us to restaurants because you require to be mindful what you eat in India. It was much more expensive though and also it felt like you were obliged to consume at every dish.
Guatemala and Mexico have a big backpacker scene, so you will certainly discover individuals who speak english everywhere. Belize speaks English by default, given that it’s their main language. According To G Journeys, on the 4 trips I have actually made with them, there’s always been a mix of young and also old, but the good news is, it’s been a good balance as well as all my teams have actually been fantastic! For sure they will wish to head out as well as drink, however remember, you’re not forced to do so if you do not want to. Those are « extracurricular » activities where you get involved as you desire.
The overland truck was rather wonderful, though spartan. Holidays blog Personally, I really did not mind the long drives; I had a well-stocked Kindle, terrific landscapes to check out, and also a truck-full of people to learn more about. Any kind of comments/suggestions/tips would be much valued. I’m currently seeking to book among the trips for the walking, and after that spend a week or so discovering Peru ourselves.
The Gap guide was going thru the movements and also sometimes we really did not see him for 2 days at once. Also in his house town, he gave really couple of details on what as good to do, after that vanished.
Like a lot of the recent commentators, I have actually been looking into going to Peru as well as treking Machu Picchu and a great deal of the comments below are extremely valuable. Doing it with G Experiences– this will certainly be my fourth tour with them. Thanks Deb for aiding RD and also sharing your experience with us.
I’m limiting the trips from both firms to choose the most effective plan I guess. Trying to narrow it down to a couple if journeys to make my choice.
Hey There Lyndon– Thanks for sharing your reaction regarding Rachel’s feedback. To me it seems like a well spherical action and also also generous in reimbursing whatever quantity you felt was prudent. Like Comments, good or bad, is always excellent to obtain since it aids enhance and also supply the best service as well as experience.
I have actually noticed a certain higher degree of quality with intrepid, particularly where the leaders are concerned. It’s tough to hate on one when they are both attempting really difficult to offer fantastic experiences. I went to Peru and morocco and the US with Intrepid as well as India, ethiopia & Egypt with g experiences. I have not traveled with Geckos, but I’ve heard they cater mostly to young/college-like vacationers. I looked at them, G Experiences, and Intrepid for traveling to Africa.
Hello there every person on this blog site, it was wonderful to review your remarks and to obtain feedback on all your trips. — There was a great deal of driving, sometimes 4-5 hrs per day.
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